Anthony and Elizabeth model new type of care

Anthony and Elizabeth are two local people who want to tell others about their experiences of how health and social care is being delivered in Waltham Forest.

A video featuring Chingford residents Anthony Kirk and Elizabeth Wickings has been produced by Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group, which shows how joining up health and social care is supporting people in the borough to live well for longer, stay out of hospital and access the treatment they need when and where they need it.

Anthony has lived with type 2 diabetes for the last 28 years. He is insulin dependent. He also suffers from various other diabetes-related problems, which he needs to seek constant help for.

Elizabeth had a problem with her legs, which were swollen due to an infection. The infection can only be treated by antibiotics which can only be prescribed by a clinician.

Before the local NHS and council started working together better Elizabeth’s and Anthony’s health and social care were managed by many different people. For Anthony this meant he had explain his health issues, medications and treatments to lots of different people and would often have to travel far to receive the care he needs.

They have both benefited from the support of the Rapid Response Team, a group of mobile clinicians who provide urgent care at home. This is a special team of nurses who respond within two hours of a referral and provide care for up to 72 hours. It allows patients to stay at home during a time of crisis.  

Anthony says: “Normally, and in the past, I would have gone into hospital for treatment and that would have been the only treatment I would have been getting. Now, the rapid response nurse comes in daily to give me the treatment I need which means I can stay at my own home. It’s a great improvement.”

Elizabeth says: “I got in touch with the doctor first and then the rapid response came to see me. They checked me all over – my blood pressure and everything like that and looked at my legs and decided that I had got an infection. He suggested that took some antibiotics for it and the swelling went right down. Having the rapid response is very good, very helpful and I was so pleased that I didn’t have to go to hospital.”

Dr Anwar Khan, a local GP and Chair of Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), says:

“This video shows how we are transforming care in real life. The NHS is working with the Council and other health and care providers to integrate care for those who need it most. This means that services we offer are joined up and are designed around patients.

“We are focused on improving the health, care and quality of life of people who are at greater risk of needing hospital care. By joining up services and targeting elderly patients and people with long-term illnesses or mental health conditions, we are able to support them to stay at home or closer to home and also reduce pressure on our local hospitals and their A&E departments.”

To watch the video of Elizabeth and Anthony please visit Waltham Forest CCG’s YouTube page.