Are you attending your cancer screenings?

Early detection saves lives

For many cancers, increasing awareness of signs and symptoms and the importance of timely treatment has been shown to improve survival rates. It’s important that if you are invited to have a screening for bowel, breast or cervical cancer, that you make sure you attend. You can find out more about cancer screenings on the NHS Choices website

It is also important to know the key signs of cancer – it really could save your life.

Symptoms of breast cancer

Symptoms of bowel cancer

Symptoms of cervical cancer 

If you have symptoms, or notice anything unusual then arrange an appointment to see your GP as soon as possible. If you’re embarrassed or worried about speaking to your doctor, remember that GPs are there to help and that they see people in the same situation every day. Find out more about cancer services in Waltham Forest. 

Make healthy lifestyle choices

You can also reduce your risk of cancer by choosing healthy options, including quitting smoking, keeping active and choosing healthy food and drinks. Find out more.