Help to end violence against women

Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group is supporting the White Ribbon Campaign, which is men working to end men's violence against women.

We will be fundraising by holding a bake sale at our offices on White Ribbon Day (25 November), however our responsibility to protect women extends all year round.

As a clinical commissioning group, we have a statutory responsibility to safeguard all adults who are at risk of abuse and neglect. They are often vulnerable because of their mental health, physical disability, age or illness and may find it difficult to protect themselves.

In 2013, Waltham Forest was recorded as having the seventh highest rate of recorded domestic violence and the 17th highest rate of sexual offences in London. Some of the most common types of violence against women include sexual violence, domestic violence, emotional abuse, female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

 How you can help to stop violence against women

?If you are the victim of harm, or you know someone who you think is being or has been harmed, then it is really important to seek help. Don’t be scared to speak up: abuse is always wrong, it is never your fault.

  • Contact Waltham Forest Direct on 020 8496 3000, or
  • Email the Safeguarding Adults team via email at, or
  • Call POhWER, an independent support group on 020 8221 2260
  • If there’s a danger to life, a risk of injury or a crime is taking place, please call the Police by dialling 999.

Find out more by downloading a leaflet about adult abuse

Please show your support for the White Ribbon Campaign by visiting their website to make a pledge.