Improving ophthalmology (eye care) services

Have you or someone you care for used ophthalmology services in Waltham Forest? We need local people to tell us about their experiences of these services and give their ideas of how they could be improved.

NHS Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is changing the way it delivers eye care services. The CCG undertook an ophthalmology review in 2015 which highlighted that the way that services are currently delivered is not sustainable as current hospital and community eye care services are running at full capacity. 

We need to change the way services are delivered to ensure patients receive the care they need in an appropriate timeframe.

To see the proposals please view 'Improving ophthalmology services in Waltham Forest', available in the downloads below, and then complete the online survey by clicking here.

You can request a postal survey by calling 020 3688 2674.

Alternatively you can email your comments to