MP’s visit to innovative GP practice

MP’s visit to innovative GP practice
MP Visit

Parliamentary Under Secretary Of State for Community Health and Care David Mowat MP recently visited Allum Medical Centre in Waltham Forest to hear about innovative changes to the way practice staff are working across east London.

Mr Mowat met senior partner and GP Dr Ken Aswani, as well as the practice’s physician associate Linda Airley and advanced nurse practitioner Ruth Amartey. He also heard from healthcare assistant Selina Riaz about how the practice is building its mix of skills and the range of services provided for patients with long-term conditions. 

Dr Aswani gave an overview of the practice and how it is introducing new ways of working in order to improve services for local people. The team outlined some of the challenges recruiting and retaining GPs in north east London and the role of physician associates, advanced nurse practitioners, healthcare assistants, midwives, chiropodists and others in forming multi-disciplinary teams providing patient-centred care.

Linda and Ruth gave a detailed insight into the changing nature of the role of practice staff as the workforce evolves to meet the needs of a changing population.

Dr Aswani said: “As our physician associate, Linda sees more than 100 patients each week and no-one has ever returned for a second opinion. We have managed to offer up to 120 same-day appointments every day in our practice by sharing the workload.

“We have also increased our list size. Having a physician associate meant that we were able to increase our list size by at least 1,000 patients without having to employ more GPs.”

This visit from David Mowat MP was a great opportunity to highlight good practice across east London and also to discuss some of the issues we face as we work together to improve services for a rapidly growing and changing population.” 

Waltham Forest CCG chief officer Terry Huff said: “There is a lot of fantastic work going on across the patch, not only in general practice but across health and social care. Dr Aswani and his team are showing how working innovatively can improve services for patients and help them run more effectively and efficiently.”

Terry described the challenges set out in the Transforming Services Together case for change – such as a population increase in east London of around 270,000 people – and how this ambitious change programme seeks to transform services: not only to address the challenges, but to build stronger, sustainable services for the future. 

David Mowat MP said: “It was great to see examples of transformation in practice. The approach set out by Dr Aswani and his team provides a blueprint for how services can be improved and how the challenges faced by health and social care services can be met head-on.”