'Say Something if you See Something’ campaign

There has recently been wide media coverage of enquiries into historical allegations of child sexual exploitation.Child sexual exploitation involves children and young people under the age of 18 in exploitative situations, contexts and relationships. It includes gang related activities, sexual exploitation and sexual violence. It is an abuse of power which includes exploitation of children and young people by coercion, gifts and exposure to inappropriate material . Perpetrators are known to target vulnerable children by virtue of their age, gender, intellect, physical attributes, economic or other resources .

Child sexual exploitation remains a priority for the borough until it is either completely  eradicated or there is evidence of progress on key outcomes to safeguard children and minimise the risk to them. Waltham Forest is leading the way in demonstrating good practice in London. This has required multi-agency collaboration between the local authority the CCG and other partner agencies. The local child sexual exploitation campaign with the slogan ‘Say Something if you See Something’ was launched in October by the Chief Executive of London Borough of Waltham Forest and the Borough Commander. This campaign involves multi-agency training, awareness raising events and a hard hitting poster campaign. To view the posters, please click the downloads at the side of the page.