Take control of your health

GPs in Waltham Forest are encouraging local people to take control of their health this winter.

Self Care week 2015, which runs from 16 to 22 November, aims to help people understand how they can take better care of their own health. Self care means keeping fit and healthy, as well as knowing how to take medicines, treat minor ailments and seek help when it’s needed.

Many common winter illnesses be treated at home with over the counter products and rest Your local pharmacist is well placed to give you advice and treatment options for coughs and colds as well as minor injuries.

If you have a long-term condition, self care is about understanding that condition and how to live with it.

Dr Anwar Khan, a local GP and chair of Waltham Forest CCG, said:

“At Waltham Forest CCG, we want to support you to look after your own health. Taking some simple steps, such as keeping fit and healthy, can help you to fight off common winter bugs.

“It’s useful to keep your medicines cabinet well stocked with supplies such as paracetamol, indigestion medication, plasters for when the need arises.

“Understanding the options available for self care can also help you to recover more quickly. This will save you an unnecessary trip to the GP and it will also free up vital appointments for people who really need them, at a time of year when the NHS is under most pressure.”

The NHS Choices website, www.nhs.uk has more information on how you can use self care to improve your health and wellbeing. You can read about how to manage weight and get fit, stop smoking, eat more healthily and manage common ailments yourself.