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06 Apr 2017

Drive to increase the early diagnosis of bowel cancer in Waltham Forest

GPs in Waltham Forest are calling on residents across the borough to help them diagnose bowel cancer earlier to save lives.

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24 Jan 2017

Women in Waltham Forest urged to take cervical screening test

Local women between the ages of 25 and 64 are being encouraged to make an appointment for a cervical smear test in a bid to reduce the risk of cervical cancer.

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19 Oct 2016

Two weeks to give views on why women do not have cervical screening test

Two weeks remain for people to give their views on why many women in Waltham Forest are not attending cervical screening appointments.

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14 Oct 2016

Help to spot the signs and symptoms of breast cancer

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the triple assessment breast clinic at Whipps Cross Hospital is holding an open day to give patients and the public the chance to see the clinic and learn more about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

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22 Sep 2016

Give your views on why women are not taking up cervical screening in the fight against cancer

The CCG also would like to hear from women who would be willing to take part in a closed discussion with clinical leads for cancer services to find out what can be done to encourage more local women to go for the test

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21 Jul 2016

Waltham Forest in top 20 for improved one-year cancer survival rates

Waltham Forest is among the top 20 most improved areas in England for people surviving cancer a year after diagnosis.

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21 Jul 2016

Don’t ignore it, tell your doctor

Waltham Forest GPs are encouraging local residents not to ignore symptoms and to tell their doctor if they notice themselves getting out of breath doing things they used to be able to do, or if they’ve had a persistent cough for three weeks or more.

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17 Jun 2016

Women in Waltham Forest encouraged to keep cervical screening appointments to help beat cancer

Women living in Waltham Forest are being encouraged to keep their cervical screening appointments to help prevent them developing cancer.

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08 Apr 2016

Screening kit stopped bowel cancer

Waltham Forest resident Bob Wells said using a bowel cancer screening kit saved him from developing cancer.

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15 Mar 2016

Be Clear on Cancer - Blood in pee

GPs in Waltham Forest are urging local people to make an appointment to see their doctor if they notice blood in their pee, even if they only see it once, as this could be a sign of bladder or kidney cancer.

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