Primary care

In early 2015 we took on responsibility for commissioning GP services. Previously, they were commissioned by NHS England.

We have since established a Primary Care Commissioning Committee, which oversees local decisions on GP contractual issues. If you are interested in hearing what this group is looking at you can read the Primary Care Commissioning Committee minutes in our Governing Body papers.

We know that there are some big challenges that need to be tackled to improve primary care services, and local people are especially concerned about access to GPs.

We are working closely with our CCG neighbours in Tower Hamlets and Newham to devise a primary care work plan that as part of our Transforming Services Together programme, and have also started many projects locally, including establishing community education provider network that is looking at how we can support the primary care workforce, weekly GP education sessions and developing a primary care strategy.

Our primary care strategy

We have produced a five-year primary care strategy that sets out a vision and plan to improve primary care services in the borough.

It describes improvements across three areas: coordinated, proactive and accessible care (which includes improving quality and the patient experience).

It contains an action plan to improve people’s access to services, make better use of building and staff access, getting patients involved and helping them to look after their own health, using modern technology, and getting different organisations working together more closely.

Our estates strategy

Waltham Forest faces a number of major challenges over the next few years – from more people moving to the borough to the number of residents with long term health conditions. To cope with these challenges, NHS Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group (WFCCG) is working with our local residents, representative organisations and neighbouring boroughs in East London to identify how we can provide better access to a wider range of health services within local communities by, amongst other things, making better use of our existing NHS and GP practice buildings. 

Read more about this here.