Urgent and emergency care

If you need emergency medical attention for a serious injury or illness you can visit the A&E department of any hospital that is close to you. They are open 24 hours a day.

In Waltham Forest, this is likely to be Whipps Cross University Hospital.

Other nearby hospitals with A&E departments include The Royal London, Newham University Hospital and Homerton University Hospital.

For less serious injuries and illnesses, there are a range of urgent care services.

In Waltham Forest, these services are:

  • Pharmacy First - Pharmacists provide advice and treatment on a range of minor ailments.
  • Emergency GP appointments - This varies between GP practices, but most offer some emergency appointments that can be booked on the day.
  • NHS 111 - A telephone advice service for people who have, or think they have an urgent health need. Dial 111.
  • GP out of hours service - If you call your GP surgery when it isn't open, you will be redirected to an out of hours GP service.
  • Whipps Cross urgent care centre - For urgent care needs that are less serious (ie. don't threaten loss of life or limb).
  • Whipps Cross A&E - For the most serious urgent and emergency care needs ie. issues that threaten loss of life or limb).

In April and May 2015, we talked to local people to develop a draft urgent care strategy to improve services in the borough. A summary of feedback we received from local stakeholders can be found here. We are currently reviewing all the feedback and finalising the strategy, which will be used to drive changes over the coming years.