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Annual General Meeting

The 2020 Annual General Meeting for Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest CCGs took place on Thursday 17 September 2020.

The meeting provided an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and challenges of the past year, as well as the priorities for the year ahead.

If you were unable to join or would like to watch the AGM again you can do so here.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the AGM, please get in touch with the CCG’s Communications Team on

Response to questions submitted for the AGM regarding Walthamstow Toy Library and Play Centre

We appreciate the statements made supporting the Walthamstow Toy Library and Play Centre and we fully endorse the ethos of the toy library and play centre and the community support it provides.

Background and basis of rental agreement

Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has paid the rent at Comely Bank Health Centre for the charity for many years. Acknowledging the local service the toy library provides, this agreement has been extended a number of times at the request of the charity, on the clear proviso that the charity seeks alternative accommodation so that taxpayers’ money is used to support NHS services.

The latest agreement is due to end in June 2021 and the landlord, Community Health Partnership, has issued the charity a one year notice period to find alternative accommodation.

Comely Bank Health Centre is a high quality building, ideal for the provision of health services – something that is in short supply in the borough. In addition, the CCG has a legal duty to use its budget for the delivery of commissioned health services.

Whilst we have every sympathy with the users of the toy library, it is inappropriate for £50,000 of NHS funds to be diverted from caring for patients to fund a charity.

The services provided

We have listened to the points raised by local people regarding the toy library and play centre. We understand that some children’s services are provided at the centre and that users have strong feelings regarding the future of the toy library. However it appears that many of the services that have been highlighted replicate services already provided by the CCG and local authority. For instance:

  • The CCG and the local authority commission a wide range of high quality services for families including breastfeeding support, maternal mental health services, HENRY (the best start service) and speech and language therapy (SLT) services available across the borough at a variety of locations.
  • Information about local authority services for children and families in Waltham Forest can be found at
  • Information about CCG services to support maternal mental health can be found at
  • In addition, the Government’s provision of 30 hours of free childcare for every child between three and four years supports families on low incomes with access to affordable childcare.

We continue to work in partnership with the toy library and the local authority to find the most appropriate alternative accommodation.

Once the space becomes vacant, our plan is to bring much needed healthcare into the community; benefitting all local residents.

The detailed response to questions submitted can be downloaded here. 


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