Conflicts of interest management

Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group (WFCCG) is committed to the principles of good governance. This means we work to ensure that we are transparent, effective, ethical in our decision making. A large part of making sure this takes place is ensuring that we manage conflicts and potential conflicts of interest that may arise in the course of our business activities.

A conflict of interest occurs where an individual’s ability to exercise judgement, or act in a role, is or could be impaired or otherwise influenced by his or her involvement in another role or relationship. As a clinical commissioning group we manage conflicts of interest as part of our day-to-day activities. Effective handling of conflicts of interest is crucial to give confidence to patients, tax payers, healthcare providers and Parliament that CCG commissioning decisions are robust, fair and transparent and offer value for money.

In line with the most up to date statutory guidance we have established a policy to manage conflicts and potential conflicts of interest to ensure that decisions made by the CCG are taken and are seen to be taken without any possibility of the influence of external or private interests.

The management of conflicts of interest is linked to our management of Gifts and Hospitalities, for which we have a separate policy, and transparency in the procurement decisions that we take.

WFCCG keeps registers of interest, which are reviewed regularly and updated, for our Governing Body Members, CCG staff and GP practice staff who may be involved in any of its commissioning decisions. Additionally we keep and maintain a register of any Gifts and Hospitalities, and a register of any procurement decisions taken.

Copies of these policies can be found in the download section below.