Governing Body Meetings

CCG Governing Body meetings will be held as and when required and when there is a formal requirement to do so. Location details are provided within the meeting agenda.

To make sure we have sufficient seating for everyone please let us know in advance if you plan to attend. You can usually ask questions during meetings, but if we run out of time then we will note your question and respond to it after the meeting. You can also send us questions in writing (Subject heading: question for the next Governing Body meeting) if you can’t make the meeting.

Details of the next Governing Body will be published at the bottom of the page.

Questions and comments about governing body meetings or confirmation of attendance can be sent to Loraine Toynton or by calling 020 3816 3897.

Upcoming meetings of the Governing Body

No events found.

The next WEL CCG Joint Governing Body Meeting will be on Wednesday 24th March 2pm - 4pm.