Members of the WEL Board

Waltham Forest

Chair: Ken Aswani

Other GP Board Member: Johra Alam

General Practice representative: Thaven Chetty

Lay Member: Vineeta Manchanda

Local Authority Representative: Heather Flinders

Newham CCG

Chair: M Naqvi

Other GP Board Member: Rima Vaid

General Practice representative: Clare Davison

Lay Member: Ellie Robinson

Local Authority Representative: Colin Ansell

Tower Hamlets CCG

Chair: Sam Everington

Other GP Board Member: Victoria Tzortziou-Brown

General Practice representative: Virginia Patania

Lay Member: Mariette Davis

Local Authority Representative: TBC


Two Board Nurses (Quality and Safeguarding)

  • Fiona Smith
  • Maggie Buckell

Secondary Care representative

Barts Trust representative - TBC

Executive Members

  • Jane Milligan
  • Selina Douglas
  • Henry Black
  • Steve Collins

Public Health (Non Voting)

One of

  • Jason Strelitz
  • Joe McDonnell
  • Somen Banerjee