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Primary Care Networks (PCN)

What are Primary Care Networks?

Primary Care Networks are a key building block of the NHS long Term Plan, bringing general practices together to work at scale and focus on delivery; to provide a wider range of services to patients in a coordinated way across natural communities. This includes social care, health, community and voluntary services and integrated advice and guidance services. The Networks aim to easily integrate with the wider health and care system and improve the ability of practices to recruit and retain staff.

What will primary care networks do?

  • Primary care networks will be funded to provide a wider range of primary care services to patients, involving a broader set of staff roles, which includes Pharmacists and Social Prescribers (when a healthcare professional refers patients to support in the community, in order to improve their health and wellbeing) followed by Physicians Associates, Physiotherapists and Paramedics in following years.
  • Extended access to primary care services available across the Network of practices.
  • Primary Care Networks will also be expected to think about the wider health of their population, taking a proactive approach to managing population health and, from 2020/21, assessing the needs of their local population to identify people who would benefit from targeted, proactive support.
  • Primary Care Networks will be focused on delivering services, rather than on the planning and funding of services, responsibility for which will remain with the CCG.

Primary Care Networks in Waltham Forest

As of 1 July 2019, seven Primary Care Networks have successfully been formed in Waltham Forest, as per the requirements of the NHS England Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES). All of the 40 practices within the borough are included and there is a clinical director/s appointed for each of the seven Primary Care Networks.

PCN’s will also be the footprint around which integrated community-based teams will develop, and community and mental health services will be expected to configure their services around PCN boundaries. These teams will provide services to people with more complex needs, providing proactive and anticipatory care.

Download the PCN map for details of the configuration, size and name/s of the clinical director within the primary care networks in Waltham Forest.