WEL CCGs Joint Board

A joint board for improved strategic commissioning

In Waltham Forest and East London (WEL), the collaborative group of CCGs that includes Newham, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets is building on our history of close working to maximise the benefits for patients and improve the quality of our services by implementing a joint board to lead on decisions that can provide the best outcomes for local people.

This means:

  • One way of working; bringing best practice together to work in new ways across the three CCGs
  • One team; closer working with our providers and partners, as well as across the three CCGs, with a commitment to borough-based partnerships to drive change for local populations
  • One cost base; savings of 20% through a single Joint Management Team, shared office accommodation and new operating model across the three CCGs

The three boards have agreed to establish a joint board that they have delegated authority to. The purpose of the joint board is to bring together the leadership of the three WEL CCGs to:

  • reduce unwarranted variation in the range and quality of services available to people living in the three WEL boroughs by improving outcomes in areas that are below average and driving up outcomes overall;
  • provide a joined-up approach to the commissioning of health services, enabling the CCGs to work collectively and effectively with providers to improve the experience and outcomes of care;
  • to provide a collective mechanism for agreeing and monitoring the CCGs’ delivery of relevant components of the North East London Sustainability and Transformation Programme; and
  • enable the CCGs to manage financial and other risks collectively while eliminating any unnecessary duplication of functions.
  • work collaboratively with all key partners, including patients, health providers, local authorities and community groups/organisations.

The joint board’s duties will:

  • be undertaken in the best interests of the residents of the three boroughs;
  • take proper account of each CCG’s sovereign duties, responsibilities, and Joint Strategic Needs Assessments; and
  • be accountable to the CCGs’ governing bodies and the populations they represent.

The vision for Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest is to bring together the three existing commissioning organisations to streamline commissioning at a strategic level, whilst providing an even greater focus at a local level to improve consistency and quality of care.

The move towards closer partnership working is in line with the NHS Long Term Plan, published in January 2019, which sets out a vision for NHS services as they transition from the current system to the development and implementation of Integrated Care Systems. The development of the new WEL organisation will be a stepping stone on a journey towards a single commissioning organisation across north east London in 2021.

Upcoming meetings

NEL CCG Governing Body in Common

  • 13 May 2020
  • 12:30 - 14:00
Committee rooms, Unex Tower, 5 Station Street, Stratford E15 1DA

In line with the government’s Covid-19 guidelines, this meeting will be held virtually and recorded.  Please submit your questions relating to any agenda items as usual; there is time set aside to answer these.  A recording of the meeting will be uploaded for members of the public, media and other interested parties to listen to following the meeting.

Meeting papers

Deadline for the submission of advance questions
Deadline for questions be COP Friday 8 May 2020