Working together

We work very closely with Waltham Forest Council, which is responsible for commissioning public health and wellbeing services, and other health and social care organisations to make the best use of the resources we have. This helps ensure that people get better, more joined up care and that there are no gaps or overlaps in the service they receive.

One way we do this is to meet regularly with Waltham Forest Council at the joint Health and Wellbeing Board.

We also identify areas where the providers of care need to be supported and challenged to improve quality. We do this is through regular meetings and a checklist of targets. If we are not happy with results, we take steps to help them improve.

To find out more about the standards you can expect from services commissioned by NHS Waltham Forest CCG, you can look at the NHS Constitution and the NHS Outcomes Framework 2013/13.

Our main partners include:

  1. Waltham Forest Council
  2. Our provider organisations
  3. Healthwatch Waltham Forest
  4. The community and voluntary sector, including:
  5. Other clinical commissioning groups in the area:
  6. NHS England
  7. Public Health England