Memory service commended by Royal College of Psychiatrists

Memory service commended by Royal College of Psychiatrists

Photo L-R; Stella Dodoo – Staff Nurse, Dr Samir Shah – Consultant Psychiatrist, Sandra Williams – Memory Service Nurse, Tina Luckie - Manager Older Adult Mental Health Services WF, Wazir Khan – Clinical Lead Waltham Forest Memory Service.

People in Waltham Forest who experience memory problems receive a high quality and sustainable service, according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP).

The RCP, which accredits the service, assessed it against national sustainability standards and awarded the borough a Sustainable Mental Health Service Commendation.

As part of its work to focus on the sustainability of mental health, the RCP’s Sustainability Committee has been working with the College Centre for Quality Improvement to assess a number of mental health services.

The sustainability standards are based on the principles of; prevention, allowing patients and carers able to manage their own mental health, elimination of wasteful activity, making use of low-carbon alternatives and empowering staff in their daily work. 

The memory service, delivered by NELFT, was congratulated for high impact work and aims to continue to provide high quality sustainable care in the future. 

Tina Luckie, Manager of the Older Adult Mental Health Services in Waltham Forest, said: “We were absolutely delighted to be awarded the Sustainable Mental Health Service Commendation from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. 

“This service has exceeded national targets and with investment from commissioners and effective joint working relationships it continues to offer excellent assessment, diagnostic and post-diagnostic services to the residents of Waltham Forest. 

“The service has been an accredited by the Memory Services National Accreditation Programme for some years so it was an added bonus to receive the commendation as well.” 

Nuzhat Anjum, Associate Director for Strategic Commissioning at NHS Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group, said “This commendation for sustainability recognises the hard work that staff have put in to transform services for those with dementia. 

“We would like to see an increase in the amount of people receiving diagnosis for memory problems in the borough so that people can receive the right care.” 

If you have any concerns about your memory and require advice or support, we would advise that you to talk to your GP in the first instance.