Support day highlights help available for COPD patients in Waltham Forest

Support day highlights help available for COPD patients in Waltham Forest
Waltham Forest resident Barbara Hall shared her experiences at the COPD support day in Leytonstone

People in Waltham Forest with a life-changing lung disease gathered at a patient support day to learn more about the condition and how to manage their health.

Hosted by NHS Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group (WFCCG) and Waltham Forest Training Hub, the first-of-its-kind event aimed to help patients with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and their carers understand the long-term condition.

A number of organisations were on hand to offer advice and provide information on the support available to patients. They included the British Lung Foundation, the Pulmonary Rehabilitation ServiceCarers FIRST and the stop smoking service, Everyone Health.

Barbara Hall, a Waltham Forest resident, shared her experiences as a patient and praised the local services available to her and others with COPD. She said: “I love going to my weekly exercise session with Waltham Forest Pulmonary Rehab”.

WFCCG also launched the local COPD action plan – designed to help patients spot early COPD warning signs so they can effectively manage flare-ups in their condition.

The action plans are available to all patients in Waltham Forest with COPD.

Highlighting the benefits to patients, Barbara added: “This new action plan is great – it tells you how to respond to your symptoms depending on the seriousness, what you can do to help yourself and what other services are available for further support.”

The event, held at WFCCG’s offices at Kirkdale House in Leytonstone on 28 June, was well received by people who attended and proved to be a beneficial session.

If you are a COPD patient living in Waltham Forest, you are advised to request a COPD action plan at your next review with your GP or practice nurse.