Better Care Together

The joint vision of NHS Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group and London Borough of Waltham Forest (the Council) is to create a simplified and easy-to-access system of care and support for Waltham Forest residents, where care is personalised and individuals are supported to be as independent as possible.  Integrating health and social care and working together is paramount to this. 

To make this happen, local health and social care systems are being brought together to work in a seamless way, so that people receive coordinated support close to home, only going into hospital when they really need to, and staying no longer than necessary.

Both organisations have pooled ‘health money’ and ‘social care money’ into a single fund, called the Better Care Fund (BCF).  This enables the organisations to get best value for the money collectively spent.  The Council and the CCG jointly lead the health and social care integration agenda and this includes a pooled budget of £25m for 2017/18.

The Better Care Together Programme coordinates and supports a wide range of integration projects across the borough. It works closely with other change management programmes to share resources and plan strategically for the future.  

The 2017-19 plan aims to transition the Better Care Together Programme into business as usual as quickly as possible. 

Copies of our Better Care Fund Plan are available on request. If you would like further information please contact