NHS Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group (WF CCG) has been working in partnership with the local authority (London Borough of Waltham Forest) to improve healthcare provision across the borough by addressing issues with, and making better use of, our existing NHS and GP practice buildings. 

Waltham Forest faces a number of major challenges over the next few years. Not only are more people moving to the borough but, as across the UK in general, more residents are living with long term health conditions.

The CCG Estates Strategy was agreed by Waltham Forest stakeholders in May 2016, and since that time partners have been overseeing its implementation.

The Estate Strategy reviews GP services (and other health provision) across the borough and proposes the creation of ‘Hubs & Networks’ as a way of addressing population and healthcare transformation challenges in the borough.

The strategy calls for more services to be provided in the community, which means that we need to examine how services can be reconfigured and located to best support this change.

This involves looking at the infrastructure, information technology and workforce that we will need to support new models of care, working out what this means for our current buildings and identifying solutions that work better for everyone involved. 

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